Cloud-based e-purchasing software/SaaS
Oxalys CLOUD

Oxalys CLOUD is a service mainly targeted towards small and medium businesses. The service is billed based on your purchasing turnover.

Online access

The Oxalys CLOUD solution is available over the internet. OXALYS TECHNOLOGIES and its French partners oversee the technological aspects to provide you a worry-free service with a vast array of features. Our turnkey service includes support, feature upgrades, data backup and security management.

A wide range of functions

The service handles all functions related to supplier management and sourcing, procurement and billing management. Other optional modules are also available.

Rates based on usage

Service fees are based primarily on the amount you purchase, making it easy to calculate the cost of using the service, which varies in accordance with your business volume.

Security you can trust

The service runs on infrastructure designed to offer the best possible physical and digital security. Individual access is protected and logged. Data are stored in redundant disk arrays that are backed up regularly.

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