Complete supplier Overview

Oxalys software provides a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your supplier information.

Centralise supplier data

Whatever kind of supplier data is involved (contracts, quotes, certificates, declarations, etc.), it is all centralised in the solution’s single data base :

  • Your interaction with the supplier is tracked using data from your information system (ERP, trade tools, etc.) or, where necessary, manually entered data
  • Purchasing activity is summarised from data in the other Oxalys functions you use
  • Legal and regulatory information is integrated directly in real time by the relevant specialised platforms
  • You can authorise suppliers to enter certain data directly using the Supplier Portal function.

Improve decision support systems

The Complete Supplier Overview function consolidates all the data and reports back using standard statuses, or customised statuses can easily be created if required.
Depending on their particular role - management, finance, purchasing or operational - everyone can access the clear, complete information they need to help them analyse situations and make the most appropriate decisions.

Reduce supplier risk

Automatic alerts and updates ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements (fight against undeclared work, reporting requirements, etc.)
Supply chain is more secure thanks to simplified supplier risk assessment and warning of possible failures.


  • Supplier reference base management
  • Management of legal documents and certifications
  • Internal document management

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