Procurement management

Manage the complete procurement cycle

OXA.PROC is the solution for your entire supply chain. In just a few clicks, you can request a purchase or place an order. Approval is initiated immediately and the request is then processed. The program also receives and accepts the invoice at the end of the cycle.

Apply your purchasing policy

Business units are responsible for their purchasing and keeping to their budget. Proposed items are organised into catalogues established by purchasing managers. Services purchases are organised and controlled. Approvals are given along established paths.

Online catalogues for all business units

Our solution is able to manage thousands of catalogues sorted by purchasing family, supplier, business unit or region. Each item's documentation can be viewed on-screen. The purchasing department configures the criteria for item display.

Keep control of your budget

Orders and purchase requisitions are easy to compare on-screen with the available budget.

Main features

Supplier catalogue in the e-procurement module
  • Management of suppler catalogues (formats, versions, internal nomenclature)
  • Management of additional documents, such as data sheets and photos...
  • Punch Out catalogs (direct connection to supplier data)
  • Expression of requirements
  • Creation of orders, purchase requisitions and inventory reservations
  • Budget inspection
  • Receipt management
  • Workflow and approval functions

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