Invoice automation and digitisation

Invoice management functions connect purchasing and finance.

Verify, approve and reconcile supplier payments

Oxalys saves you time and improves how you process supplier invoices. It automatically matches invoices received with items ordered or received and offers easy access to all related documents. Assistance is provided to manage discrepancies, and the workflow ensures that an approval path has been completed before a payment is made.

Manage supplier commitments

Financial commitments to suppliers are known and let you calculate accrued invoices and prepaid expenses in real time so that commitments can be entered into accounting records.

Digitise billing

Oxalys interfaces with your digitisation chain and electronic data management (EDM) system. Billed items are automatically recognised on the digital invoice and compared to order and receipt statuses. Intervention is necessary only in the event of a discrepancy.

Main features

  • Manual or digital entry: Scan/digitisation, automated document reading/recognition
  • EDI entry
  • Automatic, configurable reconciliation of invoices with receipts
  • Management of disputes and incidents
  • Management of payment approvals (PA)
  • Elimination of paper flow
  • Portability of invoice images


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