Our offer

The teams at OXALYS TECHNOLOGIES are here to help you install your solution and answer any user questions throughout the solution's life cycle.

Save time with our industry-specific pre-sets

Every industry's purchasing process has its own requirements, practices and vocabulary. Our pre-sets are specifically configured and adapted to each sector of the market.

Ensure a successful deployment

Our consultants bring extensive experience in the field to every project. Before beginning your project, we recommend that you consider the key issues for a successful deployment.

Get off to a good start

Our solutions are easy to learn, which means we can focus your training sessions on the purchasing process. Future solution administrators will receive special training to manage data and the service.

Get the most out of your solution

The support department provides assistance to super users to ensure optimal use of the solution.

Evolve with your solution

OXALYS TECHNOLOGIES offers its clients the following services:

  • Guidance: diagnosing issues and implementing best purchasing practices
  • Configuration: adjusting the solution to your purchasing process
  • Training: initial training and refresher courses
  • Support: troubleshooting and making sure you get the most out of your solution
  • Maintenance: providing updates and new versions
  • Third-party maintenance: to keep your solution secure, operational and up-to-date

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