Purchasing dashboards

Better control for better performance

  • The purchasing role can be managed from a number of directions. The most important are:
  • Purchasing process performance
  • Supplier performance
  • Purchaser activity

For each activity or situation, users can create individual dashboards adapted to an area of responsibility or they can perform more specific, situational analyses.

Our programme's BI module organises all available information into a data warehouse that can be mined at three levels of service.

Level 1: Interfacing with the company's business intelligence solution

Designed for businesses and organisations that create all of their reports using a single business intelligence solution (Business Object, Cognos, Crystal Report, etc.). The warehouse of data emitted by the Oxalys Purchasing Portal is made available for the solution to use.

Level 2: Accessing a library of records

Data from the warehouse are displayed on-screen in tables that are easy to transfer to any spreadsheet program (typically Excel) to create regular dashboards or to run one of the many analyses supported.

Level 3: Designing and generating dynamic dashboards

LogiXML, one of the most powerful business intelligence solutions available, has been integrated into our solution specifically to mine the Oxalys Purchasing Portal's data warehouse. Over a dozen pre-defined reports are provided and include all the most common analyses. Once trained, users will be able to independently design any type of report they desire whenever they want.

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