Integrates Purchasing with Information Systems

Sharing reference systems

When the supplier reference system is viewed or edited by multiple applications, the connector ensures that updates are propagated and data is incorporated. Similarly, the items database is sometimes used by different products with varying levels of detail depending on the requirements, and sometimes even with different references. The connector converts the references dynamically.

Interface with accounting software

Accounting is a vital part of the purchasing process, especially when it comes to recording bills and payment approvals. Connectors works with your accounting software and synchronises the accounting cycle with the purchasing cycle.

Interface with computer-assisted production/maintenance management (CAPM/CAMM)

Production purchasing may be partially managed by a production management solution. Oxalys synchronises purchasing and production, including backorders, receipts and inventory management.

Connectors for business application components

  • CAPM solutions,
  • CAMM solutions,
  • Accounting applications,
  • Business management applications,
  • Budget management applications,
  • Fixed asset management applications,
  • Quote management applications.

Connectors for EDM and digitisation applications

  • Docubase,
  • Documentum,
  • Itesoft,
  • EMC Captiva,
  • IRIS,
  • BSV.

Multi-EAI compatibility

  • Websphere (IBM),
  • Blueway,
  • SonicMQ.

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