Purchasing project management

The Oxalys purchasing project management functions make the strategic and operational management of your purchasing-related projects and activities much easier.

Manage purchasing in project mode

These functions are for all managers who need to implement a project methodology, offering a special collaborative tool that operates in the following areas :

  • Consultation management and monitoring (public/private)
  • Contract procedure management and monitoring
  • Purchasing Folder management and monitoring
  • Contract execution management and monitoring
  • Supplier innovation project management and monitoring
  • Supplier progress plan management and monitoring
  • Purchasing project management and monitoring

Coordinate parties involved and strengthen performance of purchasing department

Projects are structured and managed in a single area where all designated parties have their own customisable role. Objectives, schedule and budget are all centralised here.
Project task execution is monitored as part of the selected purchasing process and integrates fully with all the other Oxalys functions.
Project mode generates a genuine shared culture, connecting up everyone involved in the purchasing chain and thus strengthening collective performance.


  • Projects created and written up
  • Tasks and actions organised
  • Tasks and deliverables created and listed
  • Document and file sharing
  • Management of parties involved and their roles
  • Project models
  • Standard documents library
  • Project summary view
  • Gantt chart
  • Reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV formats

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