A comprehensive purchasing management solution
Oxalys Purchasing Portal

100% of clients understand 100% of settings

Oxalys Purchasing Portal is easy to learn, so you stay in control of your tools. As early as the deployment phase, you will learn the skills you need to be fully independent in using the solution.

Oxalys Purchasing software

As simple as using the internet

The entire solution operates on the web. It is accessible from a browser or tablet. A smartphone app version is also available. Learning to use the solution is as easy as using any e-commerce site for the general public.

Configurable workflow

The request approval path (purchasing, ordering, billing, etc.) is controlled by a workflow whose settings are managed by an authorised user. Users can request to add another approver.

Managing rights and organisation

Users are given specific rights linked to their profiles, their position in the organisation and their area of responsibility. Rights management is simple and easy.

Complete coverage of the purchasing cycle

Modules for structuring purchasing processes can be implemented gradually :

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