e-Sourcing and purchasing management

Choose your suppliers and share information

Our solutions can manage the entire supplier life cycle. From the first contact, all interactions with suppliers are managed and tracked, even before the suppliers are approved. Purchasing projections and development plans are managed in Oxalys. Feedback on experience with suppliers can be shared between business units for better internal coordination.

Manage invitations to tender

Bid announcements are prepared and managed through the program. Communications with suppliers are tracked all the way until a framework agreement is written. Bids are evaluated using quantitative criteria (price, turnaround time) as well as qualitative criteria selected on a case-by-case basis (relationship quality, co-production capabilities, etc.).

Evaluate supplier performance

Information collected throughout the supplier life cycle can help you determine and implement a strategy for improving the performance and increasing the value-add of your purchasing operations.

Improve purchaser performance

Purchasers are freed from repetitive administrative tasks with low added value. Instead, they can spend their time improving the cost, quality and value of their sourcing.

Prepare and track dispatches

Logisticians determine and prepare groupings and any Incoterms. Transportation chain factors are incorporated, including transit and multi-modal transport.

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