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Purchasing and inventory management by Oxalys

Manage lead times, move to digital inventory management, optimise flow of stocked items

With the Oxalys Purchase and Inventory you can…

Manage and optimise your lead times

Inventory is added to the purchasing cycle and restocking is completed in line with purchasing and logistics department’s policies.

Manage and optimise inventory levels

PUMP, FIFO… Oxalys lets you use different restocking strategies that take the cost of restocking and storage into account.

The inventory and purchasing management solution that helps you to…

Comply with your procurement policy

Oxalys helps you to stick to your procurement and inventory management processes and benefit from short, defined lead times.

Select the right restocking strategy

Leverage a restocking strategy that ensures optimal inventory management at both an operational and financial level.

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Purchasing and Inventory Management by Oxalys

Manage restocking, know where products are stored, monitor patterns in inventory levels, manage inventory… Oxalys optimises your purchasing and inventory management.

The Oxalys procurement and inventory management software helps you to integrate the monitoring of your stocks into the core of the procurement process.

Integrate inventory into the purchasing cycle

With an efficient restocking  process, you get a comprehensive overview of your inventory status and easy access to your merchandise.

  • built-in restocking reminder
  • optimise your replenishment criteria (Wilson Formula, for example)
  • analyse sleeping and dead stock
  • real-time display of total consumption
  • location management

Choose your inventory management model

Get the information you need for proper purchasing and inventory management, and reduce unnecessary expenses arising from managing inventory based on estimates.

  • manage physical sites
  • manage items batches by expiry date
  • batch traceability
  • internal procurement time, possession rate, order cost
  • rolling and permanent inventory according to several criteria

They place their trust in Oxalys

By broadening access to financial data with full transparency through digital solutions, we have removed the barriers to intra- and inter-departmental communication. This project has helped improving internal communication and understanding of how the FFF works, but also communication with suppliers.

Christophe MoreauxHead of the Management Control Department - French Football Federation

Purchase to pay

Client Testimonial – French Football Federation

The FFF relies on the modernisation of its committed spend management to develop intra- and inter-departmental cooperation.

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F2J Industry Group optimizes its Procure-to-Pay chain management with Oxalys

Case study – The F2J Industry Group is optimising its Procure-to-Pay chain management with Oxalys

Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate cooperation and innovation with its suppliers

Case study – Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate suppliers’ cooperation and innovation

EL2D digitalises orders on construction sites and strengthens the quality of service of its collaborators with Oxalys

Case study – EL2D digitises orders on construction sites

FAQ Purchasing and inventory management

What are the benefits of an inventory management software ?

A purchasing and inventory management software helps you to :

  • manage bar codes
  • work together with different stakeholders
  • streamline purchasing management
  • optimise and facilitate inventory management
  • optimise flows
  • get the best prices

Definition : In purchasing and inventory management, what is the Wilson Formula ?

The Wilson Formula is used to estimate a company’s restocking needs. It calculates optimal order levels while trying to minimize procurement and storage costs. This formula adapted  for mass purchasing is not suitable for just-in-time production. The Wilson formula is built into some purchasing and inventory management programmes, including our P2P solution.

How does the First In First Out (FIFO) system work ?

In inventory management FIFO, or first in first out, is a system that indexes products by expiry and/or arrival dates. In this mode, you can avoid throwing away perishable products as well as the wear that some parts experience when stored for a long time. In FIFO, when you receive a new order from your supplier, you store the new merchandise at the back of the shelving and bring older products forward.

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