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Oxalys Supplier Portal: a collaborative tool to work smarter

Streamline communication with your suppliers, let your suppliers update administrative information, simplify tender management, share transaction documents and their status

With the Oxalys Supplier Portal you can…

Communicate better

Orders, invoices… the Oxalys Supplier Portal is where your suppliers can send and receive all documents related to your business relationship. Your partners enjoy clear information on the status of their business transactions.

Delegate particular tasks

Collect compliance documents, update administrative information… the Supplier Portal allows you to free up your buyers by delegating these time-consuming tasks to your suppliers.

Harness information on the fly

The Oxalys Supplier Portal works seamlessly with our SRM solution. This means you get simplified access to the full range of documents, correspondence and projects (products, services, etc.) for each supplier.

The Supplier Portal that helps you…

Streamline client/supplier contacts

Our collaborative supplier platform facilitates quick and efficient communication with your suppliers. Notifications and approval systems to manage your contact in real-time. Smoother – and higher quality – client/supplier relationships.

Save time & Empower your suppliers

Give suppliers the permissions they need to complete tasks they can manage on their end, while you focus on tasks with high added value for you. Thanks to our Supplier Portal, you can delegate time-consuming tasks and focus on what you do best.

Simplify your procurement process

The Supplier Portal is an integral part of the digital tender process. It is built into the other features in our sourcing solution, so that you can use any qualitative and quantitative information submitted by or sent to suppliers, on the fly.

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Achieve successful supplier onboarding with the Oxalys Supplier Portal

Streamline communications between suppliers and the customers placing an order, simplify management of administrative supplier information, get notifications for every new message: the Oxalys Supplier Portal is the go-to solution for improving your Supplier Relationship Management.

The Oxalys supplier portal speeds up the supplier onboarding process thanks to a dedicated communication channel with all the company's stakeholders (procurement, quality, accounting, etc.).

Send administrative documents

The Oxalys Supplier Portal includes an “document attachment” feature for paperless correspondence with your suppliers.

  • collecting information
  • upload of administrative documents (company registration documents, certificates etc.)
  • associated documents

Update supplier information

Your suppliers can update their profile by uploading the documents you need. Your buyers have direct access to supplier master data and can control incoming and outgoing flows.

  • keep data up-to-date
  • upload electronic catalogues
  • qualitative and quantitative data

Get a clear overview of your current transactions

Pending orders, processing or in dispute invoices, ongoing calls for tender… The dashboard provides a detailed overview of your transaction statuses. You benefit from a qualitative view and direct access to each transaction.

  • issuing Calls for Tender
  • order confirmation
  • display invoices and their financial status
  • browse records: orders, receipts, invoices

They place their trust in Oxalys

By broadening access to financial data with full transparency through digital solutions, we have removed the barriers to intra- and inter-departmental communication. This project has helped to improve internal communication and understanding of how the FFF works, but also communication with suppliers.

Christophe MoreauxHead of the Management Control Department - French Football Federation

Supplier Relationship

Client Testimonial – French Football Federation

Simplify and streamline your spend management while complying with internal control rules.

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Find out why many companies use our solutions

F2J Industry Group optimizes its Procure-to-Pay chain management with Oxalys

Case study – The F2J Industry Group is optimising its Procure-to-Pay chain management with Oxalys

Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate cooperation and innovation with its suppliers

Case study – Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate suppliers’ cooperation and innovation

EL2D digitalises orders on construction sites and strengthens the quality of service of its collaborators with Oxalys

Case study – EL2D digitises orders on construction sites

FAQ Supplier relationship

What is a supplier portal for ?

Companies use supplier portals to grant suppliers online access to the full range of information on past and ongoing transactions, as well as to future contracts or projects. The SRM solution also boosts buyer productivity, primarily by enabling buyers to delegate time-consuming parts of the supplier relationship, such as :

  • answering invoice status queries
  • dispute management
  • updating administrative data
  • communication on tenders
  • submission of supplier invoices

What is digital invoicing ?

Digital invoicing is a paperless billing process. Web solutions and applications, like the Oxalys collaborative portal, allow suppliers to view and manage their invoices online. Invoices are processed electronically via a collaborative client/supplier portal that accelerates the invoice management process and offers a range of additional benefits :

  • compliance with payment deadlines
  • improved client/supplier relationships
  • increased productivity
  • reduced invoice processing costs
  • enhanced data traceability

Additional Supplier Relationship features

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