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Ready for your first digital procurement experience?

Get started now with Oxalys, a ready to use and intuitive procurement software

Source to Contract features Oxalys Software

to Contract

Purchase to Pay features- Oxalys Software

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Supplier Relationships

Procurement streering

What makes Oxalys the perfect solution when choosing your first procurement software?

Oxalys is a ready-to-use procurement software, particularly suitable for a first experience in digital procurement. It helps you automate the key stages of your organisation’s procurement and financial processes while maximising collaboration between your teams and your suppliers.

Cut your costs !

Channel your procurement

Streamline your supplier management

Start professionalizing your procurement today with Oxalys Essentials

What can you do with the Oxalys software?

Whatever the size and business sector of your company, Oxalys helps you to quickly and easily start automating and digitalising your procurement processes.


Manage all your sourcing activities on a single platform

Order management

Enjoy an order portal that is as intuitive as an e-commerce website.

Workflow & Follow-up

Validate and track the status of orders easily.

Spend control

Track and control your spend and save time!

Supplier management

Monitor and manage the supplier lifecycle from its approval.


Analyse and measure your procurement performance.

Receiving management

Monitor and control the delivery of orders.

Procurement projects

Create and track the progress of all your procurement projects.

Your digital procurement solution

Used by companies of all sizes and in all industries, Oxalys combines nearly 30 years of expertise to offer a solution that is rapidly operational and delivers visible benefits in just a few days.

The first step towards your Procurement software

We leverage all the experience of the Oxalys software to guide your first steps towards digital procurement.

100% Secure Cloud

Support and updates included, secure backups, can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Ready to use

Benefit from a software already set up to get more value in just few days

Simple, efficient and flexible

Make the most of your time! Free yourself from administrative tasks with a simple and intuitive software.

Try and test Oxalys Essentials today. Book a demo with us!