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Supplier Management: Oxalys offers you a 360° view

Centralise supplier data, facilitate decision-making, reduce risks

With Oxalys Supplier Management software you can…

Centralise supplier data

Contracts, certificates, evaluations, transaction records, financial scoring… Supplier 360° is a one-stop-shop for all supplier information, tracking all client/supplier activity. Legal information is also added to the solution in real-time, via the platforms that generate official legal documentation. Information is collected collaboratively. Paired with the Supplier Portal, you can accredit your suppliers, enabling them to update their data and perform certain actions online.

Improve decision-making

Procurement, General Management, Finance, or Operations… Oxalys Supplier Management delivers clear, complete, shared and relevant information, for any role or department.  It is a solution that helps you analyse the situation and make the most pertinent decisions when purchasing services, products and trade work. Optimize the user experience and your decision-making process by customizing your dashboard to display information you need.

Reduce supplier risk

Your Oxalys supplier database is synced with external document generation platforms that help manage supplier compliance within your company. Get automatic notifications to guarantee compliance with legal or regulatory requirements (fight against undeclared work, disclosure obligations, etc.). A system that lets you foresee certain failures or non-compliances linked to your orders, thereby reducing supplier risk.

The supplier database that helps you…

Save time

With the 360° view of supplier information provided by Oxalys, all the information you need is waiting for you in one place. No more need to hunt down documents scattered across your company’s departments. You save time and work more efficiently.

Make the right decisions

Management, finance, operations, procurement… Supplier 360° helps you make the right decisions. With a complete overview of all relevant business information right when you need it, you and your team can select the right supplier for every procurement project.

Secure your supply chain

The Oxalys Supplier Management solution provides you with a simplified assessment of your supplier risks. Real-time notifications keep you up-to-date with upcoming actions so you can fulfil your legal obligations.

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A 360° view of supplier information with Oxalys

Collect and update supplier data, assign administrative tasks to your partners, ensure compliance… Oxalys’ supplier information management feature guarantees quality management of the supplier repository.

With the Oxalys supplier management software you benefit from a 360° view of supplier information.

Manage supplier information

Oxalys Supplier Management is your one-stop repository of useful information for each party involved in the procurement process. Fully configurable to your needs, our solution’s broad range of features provides you with the following data centralisation functionalities :

  • multi-criteria search engine
  • multi-contract management
  • prospect follow-up
  • supplier grouping…

Consolidate and display all data

With our supplier database, get a detailed report of your supplier information in just a few clicks :

  • standard or custom view
  • number of orders and their status…
  • turnover generated
  • supplier performance assessment
  • actions and transactions…

Reduce supplier risk

Enhance the quality of your supplier relationships while reducing the risk involved in your purchase procedures. This is possible thanks to the many practical features of Supplier 360°. Some examples :

  • integration with the leading legal document management platforms
  • tax documents
  • supplier scoring and performance
  • business and financial information

They place their trust in Oxalys

We were impressed with the functional scope of the Oxalys solution and its step-by-step implementation to gradually provide us with a 360° view of our suppliers.

Stéphane Faustin-LeybachNAOS Group Procurement Director

Supplier Relationship

Client Testimonial – Naos

To support the group’s strong growth, the Procurement department has developed an innovative procurement strategy that resulted in the implementation, at the beginning of 2017, of a digital procurement and SRM solution called NAOS Store.

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Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate cooperation and innovation with its suppliers

Case study – Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate suppliers’ cooperation and innovation

EL2D digitalises orders on construction sites and strengthens the quality of service of its collaborators with Oxalys

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FAQ Supplier management

What are the benefits of a centralized legal document management and compliance system ?

Prosecution, supplier social security payment, fines… a failure to comply with due diligence rules incurs negative consequences for the client. A legal document management system, therefore, limits these risks.

Collaborative solutions like Oxalys Supplier Relationship make it easier to collect and control documentation, for total peace of mind during any controls or audits.

Can I connect with my preferred financial data provider ?

Yes, the Oxalys solution is connected to the main external information and company documentation platforms. Our standard APIs allow us to establish a link between our platforms and guarantee you full access to all information in one place: Oxalys Supplier 360°.

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