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Contract Management with Oxalys

Negotiate, create contracts, manage your framework agreements

With Oxalys Contract Management you…

Create contracts

The Oxalys Contract Management feature lets you easily manage your supplier contracts. All legal information is centralised, you only need to add the specific conditions of your agreement.

Manage your agreements

Once the supplier contract or the framework agreement is signed, you have access to all documents related to the transaction: threshold, price schedules, amendments to the terms and conditions, etc.

Anticipate deadlines

You will be informed of end of contract or renewal deadlines through notifications. You can also block the use of certain contracts when renegotiating terms or bringing them into compliance.

The contract management solution that helps you to…

Record your pricing agreements

Our contract management solution allows you to establish contracts in accordance with legal requirements and previous agreements between your company and the supplier. You formalise your client/supplier relationship and make sure you are acting in accordance with the legal framework and guarantee the security of transactions.

Respect the conditions of your contracts

From your Contract Management platform, you have access to all framework documents. You respect agreements undertaken with your suppliers and you oversee the execution of these contracts.

Increase your business profitability

Continuous monitoring of your contracts and the deadlines alert system allow you to anticipate contracts and subscription terminations. The temporary freezing of certain contracts, particularly during renegotiations, is another way to reduce administrative workloads.

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Contract Management with Oxalys

Encode contractual clauses, create contracts, ensure compliance with general terms and conditions and applied rates, view penalties, receive expiration alerts…the automation of your contracts management is achieved by Oxalys.

The Oxalys contract management software helps you to digitalise your supplier contracts from negotiation to the management of your framework agreements.

Create a supplier contract

The contract manager searches for the supplier through selective sorting options in the software and creates a contract based on negotiated elements. The system accelerates the process of research, creation, signature and amendment of contracts. Once published, the Oxalys Digital Purchasing feature allows its use by internal clients.

  • Contract generation based on negotiated elements
  • Temporary or permanent contract freeze option

Indicate pricing agreements in the contract repository

The contract repository gathers all of the contracts that govern business operations between suppliers and the company. The numerous exchanges are tracked until the contract is finalised to ensure that all employees (procurement, finance, accounting, operations, etc.) apply the same purchase conditions.

  • Centralised contract repository
  • Visibility on interactions between client and suppliers

Ensure company contract management

Once published, the Oxalys Digital Purchasing feature allows internal clients to use the contract. The terms and conditions of contracts are observed, whether for supplies, services or works

  • Compliance with agreement terms
  • Switch between general or specific contract use

They place their trust in Oxalys

All employees contribute to the financial life of the organisation.
We focused our project on users and digital solutions to improve autonomy and responsiveness’

Christophe MoreauxHead of the Management Control Department - French Football Federation

Source to Contract

Client Testimonial – French Football Federation

The FFF relies on the modernisation of its spend management to develop intra- and inter-departmental cooperation.

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Corse Composites Aéronautiques relies on Oxalys’ procurement project management to accelerate cooperation and innovation with its suppliers

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FAQ Contract management

What does digital contract mean?

Digital contracts are at the core of the digitalisation of the contract management process. It speeds up procedures: approval, signature, creation of amendments, etc. Digital contracts from the company are stored in a contract repository. That way they are easier to create, find, view and archive. In legal terms, they have the same value as a paper contract

Why should I use a contract management software?

Implementing a company contract management solution enables you to:

  • Share a unique, centralised repository of company contracts
  • Accelerate contract review, annotation and finalisation processes
  • Respect the approval process of company contracts by automating their integration into the contract repository
  • Track in real time the progress of the contract validation and signing process
  • Be alerted of upcoming deadlines: end of contract, tacit renewal, etc.
  • Optimize the control of contract management procedures
  • Make amendments in accordance with the rules from the initial contract
  • Facilitate purchases/procurement of negotiated items
  • Track the evolution of consumption on contracts
  • Facilitate the reconciliation processes (billing)
  • Limit the risk of losing documents

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