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Digital procurement with Oxalys

Simplify and efficiently manage your procurement processes. Oxalys is a complete and scalable procurement software that adapts to your current needs and supports your company’s growth.

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The advantages of Oxalys

Get ready to efficiently manage your purchases! Oxalys procurement software is designed for medium size companies as well as for large groups or public bodies. It delivers a customized solution tailored to your immediate and future needs as you digitalize your processes

A fast and ready-to-use software

Get to work immediately and see rapid improvement for your company.

Our experts support you in optimizing your purchases with Oxalys. Intuitive and collaborative, our procurement software simplifies the work of your teams.

An adaptable and scalable solution

Digitalize your purchases at your own pace without overhauling your processes!

Oxalys is compatible with all ERP and information systems. Use the features that are useful today, and activate others as new needs arise.

An end-to-end procurement suite

Manage all of your procurement processes, from supplier sourcing to digital invoice management.

Supplier sourcing, contracts, purchases, invoices, inventory, reporting… Automate all your procurement processes and manage all types of spend.

The procurement software that supports all companies as they grow

SMEs, mid-sized companies, public entities… Oxalys procurement software meets your current and future needs to achieve your ambitions.

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Manage your entire spend and procurement process

The Oxalys tender and Rfx management solution helps you streamline and digitalise your processes.

Source-to-Contract (S2C)

From sourcing to contract management, centralize information within a single repository and share it with your employees

  • Collect and analyse the purchasing needs of your company
  • Find and consult your suppliers
  • Improve buyer performance
  • Monitor your contracts
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Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Issue and approve purchase requisitions, manage supplier invoices, ensure inventory management… even on-the-go.

  • Centralize purchase requisitions
  • Process supplier invoices
  • Manage your purchases and your inventory
  • Benefit from a mobile app
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The Oxalys Procurement solution digitalises your Procure to pay process from the purchase request to the payment of invoices
The Oxalys Supplier Relationship management software offers you a clear and synthetic 360° view of supplier information.

Supplier Relationship

Enhance communication with your suppliers, easily view supplier information and create your supplier performance assessment strategy.

  • Communicate and collaborate with your suppliers
  • Benefit from a supplier information overview
  • Evaluate your suppliers
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Procurement Steering

Develop your procurement action plan and track your performance indicators with the procurement dashboard.

  • Customize and manage all types of procurement projects
  • Create action plans (RFx, market procedure, improvement, etc.)
  • Analyse procurement performance indicators
  • Measure the impact of your procurement activity on the company
  • Improve the quality of your BI reporting
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The Oxalys Project procurement management makes it easier to manage procurement action plans and projects

They place their trust in Oxalys

We’ve become faster and more autonomous. We’ve shortened turnaround times and streamlined processes through our NAOS Store portal.
We achieved an adoption rate of 80% in 6 months thanks to the usability of the solution and change management, in the form of video newsletters

Stéphane Faustin-LeybachNAOS Procurement Director

Have a question about Oxalys procurement software?

Is Oxalys procurement software suitable for SMEs?

Yes, Oxalys procurement software is a suitable solution for SMEs. It lets you automate your entire procurement process, such as order submissions, purchase orders and invoices matching process, supplier databases updates… And it also helps you to effectively manage your procurement policy.

By digitalising their procurement process with Oxalys , SMEs benefit from a pragmatic solution that’s ready to go. The solution is ready to use, employees appreciate its ease of use and soon notice the benefits of automated tasks.

What does scalable procurement software mean?

Oxalys software can adapt to the procurement processes of Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger entities or groups. Oxalys is also a solution suitable for all companies that wish to automate the management of their purchases. Its features are activated according to the user’s needs. It is totally possible to automate only contracts and invoices management today, and to extend the scope of the solution in the future in case there is a need for more analytical features, such as procurement action plan design or spend management.

Oxalys’ objective is to help structure and professionalize procurement and support the company or organization in the digitalization of their procurement processes, at their own pace.

What kind of support do you offer your clients?

We currently support hundreds of clients in their procurement digital transformation. Our consultants and partners work around South Africa to support companies in implementing their procurement information system.
In order to provide you with more customized or localized support, we have developed a partner network with first-level integrators and consulting companies.

How do I know if my company really needs a procurement software?

Using a procurement software affords a number of advantages if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Time dedicated to purchasing management is constantly increasing
  • You or your staff only manage repetitive administrative tasks
  • You do not have visibility into your purchases/spend with your suppliers
  • You are starting an initiative of setting up an effective procurement management process for your company
  • You would like to ensure compliance with contracts negotiated with your suppliers by the entire company at all times
  • You do not have visibility on your inventory and you often need to process orders urgently
  • You need to restart your supplier sourcing process for each planned purchase
  • You manually process several thousand paper or PDF invoices
  • You experience delays or omissions in the payment of your supplier invoices
  • You do not have the information you need to prepare reports on the management of your purchases
  • You cannot ensure that all your suppliers meet their legal obligations
  • Purchase amounts are constantly growing and you have not yet negotiated and implemented contracts and deals with your suppliers at preferential rates
  • You use several isolated Excel files that are difficult to share

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