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Oxalys Purchase to Pay – Manage your end-to-end purchasing process

Digitalise your purchasing process from purchase request to digital invoices, including order management, receipts, and the control of financial commitments and budgets. Create and validate purchase requests, manage supplier invoices, ensure inventory management…even on the go

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With Oxalys Purchase to Pay you…

Manage your PRs & POs

The P2P Oxalys solution helps you to centralise your purchase requests and approve them even remotely, to browse supplier catalogues and manage the purchasing process of your company.

Process digital invoices

Thanks to the digital Purchase to Pay process, you can optimise supplier invoice management. You control invoices, manage supplier commitments, and match invoices to orders.

Manage purchases and stocks

The Oxalys Purchase to Pay solution helps you manage your lead times. It also includes an inventory management feature that ensures optimal performance and monitoring of all movement of your stored items.

Enjoy Oxalys on your smartphone

Are you usually on-the-go ? Approve employee purchase requests, orders, and supplier payment at any time thanks to the purchase tracking mobile application.

A digital P2P solution that helps you to…

Optimize your purchases

By digitalising your Purchase to Pay processes with the Oxalys solution, you save time, considerably reduce processing errors, and your purchase processes are respected.

Automate your invoices

With our Purchase-to-Pay software, automating the management of supplier invoices makes it easier for you to meet your payment deadlines and establish a reliable audit trail.

Reduce costs

Quick decision making, full visibility, spend control, elimination of rogue spending, mutualisation and consolidation, tracking of delivery and expiration dates…thanks to all of this, your purchasing and inventory management costs are optimised.

Manage your spend

Thanks to Oxalys mobile application, the purchasing process is never interrupted. Your on-the-go operational teams can place orders quickly, at any time, and remotely approve or reject spend.

Oxalys Purchase to Pay

Digital purchasing

Manage your purchasing process :

  • browse internal or PunchOut catalogues
  • access marketplaces
  • define and respect your budgets
  • centralise your purchase requests
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The Oxalys Procurement solution digitalises your Procure to pay process from the purchase request to the payment of invoices

Mobile approval workflow

The Oxalys order tracking mobile app keeps you in control of your purchases wherever you are.

Track your purchases :

  • stay in control of the purchase workflow
  • approve purchase requests remotely
  • accelerate approval process
  • respect payment deadlines
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Supplier invoicing

Automate and digitalise supplier invoices processing :

  • digital invoices
  • control supplier invoices
  • track supplier commitments
  • facilitate document matching
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The Oxalys supplier invoice management software enables the digitalisation of supplier invoice processing

Purchasing and inventory management

The Oxalys procurement and inventory management software helps you to integrate the monitoring of your stocks into the core of the procurement process.

Optimise your purchasing and  inventory management :

  • control your lead times
  • monitor your stocks
  • choose your replenishment strategy
  • respect your purchasing policy
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They place their trust in us

To support the group’s growth, it became necessary to control our indirect spend within a single management solution and to develop maximum procurement coverage

Stéphane Faustin-LeybachNaos Group Procurement Director

FAQ Purchase to Pay

What does Purchase to Pay or Procure to Pay mean

Purchase to-pay or Procure-to-Pay (P2P) represents the purchasing process of a company from the purchase request to the payment of the supplier invoice. It encompasses the supplier research, the purchase request, the order placement and the invoicing. Some P2P solutions also allow inventory management and offer a mobile application, such as the Oxalys Procurement software.

How to choose a Purchase to Pay solution ?

Investing in a Purchase-to-Pay or Procure-to-Pay solution is a way to professionalize and simplify the purchase process of your company. When choosing the procurement management software for your company, we suggest you consider the following :

  • easy implementation of the solution
  • step-by-step solution implementation, at your own pace
  • support and trainings
  • automation of flow transfers
  • real time data processing
  • spend and financial reporting capabilities
  • catalogue integration and connection to punch out catalogues
  • a collaborative software to facilitate internal exchanges and with your suppliers
  • integration with your information system
  • ability to work on-the-go/ in mobile mode
  • the company experience and its capacity to adapt to your activity

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