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Oxalys Source to Contract : Automate your procurement-supplier cycle

Source your suppliers, improve the performance of your buyers, track your contracts

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With Oxalys Source to Contract you can…

Optimise your supplier sourcing

100% configurable, the Oxalys Source to Contract (S2C) solution facilitates tender management and supplier sourcing and selection. Configure your supplier consultation procedure and benefit from an automated process perfectly tailored to your needs.

Create & Monitor your contracts

Oxalys contract management simplifies the tracking, management, and use of contracts in purchase-to-pay processes. All contractual exchanges with your suppliers are centralized in a single contract repository so that you can share information with your employees. This undeniably saves you time and reduces the risk of error.

Respect & Enforce your agreements

Each employee involved in the procurement procedure has access to the contractual information they use in their work. The Oxalys Source-to-Contract solution therefore ensure that you are complying with contract conditions in each exchange with your suppliers.

The supplier sourcing solution that helps you to…

Make better use of internal resources

With the Oxalys S2C solution you can accurately organize the work of your employees. They have access to all the documents and useful information they need to perform their tasks (catalogues, data, negotiated prices). Your procedures are followed and every action is recorded.

Care for your supplier relationship

From the call for tender to contract signature, the Oxalys S2C solution allows you to perfectly manage and track interactions with your suppliers. Your communications are streamlined and your suppliers known to all parties involved in your company’s procurement process.

Enhance your teams’ coordination

The different stages of your supplier sourcing and contract management project are easily traceable. From the procurement department to the logistics team, including invoicing and accounting, each buyer and collaborator can track the status of the procurement procedure in real-time.

Oxalys Source to Contract

Tender & RFx management

Manage purchase forecasts and create RFx

  • Define qualitative and quantitative criteria
  • View supplier information
  • Choose your supplier
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The Oxalys tender and Rfx management solution helps you streamline and digitalise your processes.

Contract Management

The Oxalys contract management software helps you to digitalise your supplier contracts from negotiation to the management of your framework agreements.

Manage the supplier life cycle

  • Track all client/supplier interactions
  • Ensure that all employees adhere to your procurement process
  • Comply with general terms and conditions of sale
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They place their trust in Oxalys

By broadening access to financial data with full transparency through digital tools, we have removed the obstacles to intra- and inter-departmental communication. This project has helped to improve internal communication and understanding of how the FFF works, but also communication with suppliers.

Christophe MoreauxHead of the Management Control Department- French Football Federation

FAQ Source to Contract

Why choose the Oxalys sourcing solution ?

The Oxalys S2C solution helps you professionalize and standardize your process for supplier sourcing and contract management. It optimises buyer performance and shares high value-added data across the entire company. 100% scalable and configurable, Oxalys S2C adapts to your procurement processes and helps you ensure that all your employees can easily apply them.

What does source to contract mean ?

A Source to Contract or S2C solution optimises the procurement process and saves time when looking for a supplier. It helps you implement your sourcing and contract management strategy, unify your procedures, and facilitate collaboration between different parties involved in the procurement process.

What is the difference between digital sourcing and digital procurement ?

While digital sourcing and digital procurement are both dedicated to simplifying procurement processes, digital sourcing corresponds to the upstream process of sourcing, consulting, selection and contracting suppliers, while digital procurement controls the transactions resulting from the S2C: contract implementation, procurement, order placement, receipts, matching and supplier invoice control.

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